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July 17, 2012: Furniture Legs

Holy shits, guys. For weeks straight I've been working days, nights, and weekends on an obnoxious work project. I think it's behind me now. Well, I took my first vacation day in forever and what did I do? I made a comic! (See above.)


Whenever I come up with an idea for a comic, I search the internet to see if it's been done. Here are some ideas I had to give up on recently because someone else beat me to them.

1) A guy is putting toothpaste -- specifically Crest toothpaste -- on his toothbrush. The toothpaste slides off the brush, and falls to the sink or floor. The guy is way too sad about it. The caption: "Crestfallen."

2) We see three drenched T-shirts on a stage, not actually worn by anyone. An MC is approaches one with a blue ribbon, says, "Oh, this one is definitely the wettest!" Caption: "Wet T-Shirt Contest."

3) A guy taunts a professional wrestler at a bar. The wrestler gets fed up and seemingly beats the crap out of the other guy, using all kinds of pro-wrestling moves. Afterwards, the taunter dusts himself off and laughs because he is completely uninjured. (Because wrestling is fake, you see.)

Maybe it's for the best I didn't get a chance to do some of those. Regardless of the quality of the joke, it's infuriating to find that it's already been done. It's like someone pre-emptively stole from me.

I guess that's one reason longer, story-driven comics are looking more and more appealing to me, as opposed to the corny gag strips I currently do.

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