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August 19, 2010: Grandpa's Birthday

I know this comic isn't realistic. I mean, what kid actually plays board games these days, right? Anyway, I find the notion of putting a maximum age for a product to be absurd. Why do they do that instead of saying , "Ages 8 and up?" Is the way it rhymes supposed to be clever? Seems like cheating to me. You're really just rhyming a word (i.e. "eight") with itself. Is it supposed to be funny? Like, "Ha ha, no one could possibly be that old!" Seems a bit overused to retain any humor value it might have once had. Leave it to me to overthink it.

This was probably the quickest I've cranked out a comic. I "inked" it in PhotoShop instead of Adobe Illustrator, for a change. I'll use this approach more often. It was also refreshing to do a black-and-white comic, especially after I disappointed myself with the coloring and shading in the last comic. Another note about my comic-making: I've hand-lettered the last few strips instead of using the font I created based on my handwriting. (It feels less like cheating.) But now that I take another look at the lettering in this strip, it pretty much looks as if I used the font.

By the way, here are some images from the comic that I scrapped when I decided to start over from scratch.

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