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May 12, 2012: Tea Party Commission

I don't actually get commissions, so I have to make them up. I worked on the above gag while taking a break from a drawing a longform comic. I've never worked on a comic that spans several pages before. Hell, I haven't even worked on a comic that spans more than a few panels. So, good luck with that, self.

Perhaps I mentioned this already, but my computer crashed awhile ago, resulting in the loss an awful lot of illustration and comic files.  There were many illustrations that weren't backed up, posted on the internet, or printed out, so there's no copy of them anywhere. The image below is a rare example of something I did happen to print out. It's not amazing or anything, but I like it and I'm not going to do anything else with it, so there it is. It's kind of funny. I created it on the computer (i.e. nothing on drawn on paper), printed it out, scanned it back in, and posted it on the internet.

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