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September 22, 2010: Wah-Wah

I always thought the no-adults thing in Peanuts was silly. I get that it's supposed to be all about the kids. But by making the adults conspicuously unseen at all times, and by giving them a freakin' trumpet voice (as in the case of the animated cartoon), all it does is draw more attention to the adults. It just completely baffled me as a kid.

I found a bunch of other things weird about Peanuts, too. Those tails on the speech balloons are just... disturbing. And the feet... Initially, as a kid, I had no idea what was supposed to be at the ends of the characters' legs, despite the fact that the only thing that could be at the end of someone's legs are feet. Then, of course, is the famous screaming mouth:

I didn't realize the characters' heads were tilted back when they did that, so I didn't know I was looking at a huge gaping mouth. I thought some bizarre hole or black dot had suddenly destroyed their faces. I was a very confused kid.

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